Hybrid Work Wizard

The first Salesforce native application to track emissions from hybrid work. Whether you work from home or commute to the office, Hybrid Work Wizard accurately tracks employee- generated emissions and provides insightful information and motivation for the employees’ commute.


Take Emissions Reporting to the NEXT LEVEL

Scope 3 emissions are complex. Category 7 doesn’t have to be. Wherever work takes you, Hybrid Work Wizard makes tracking commute emissions simple.

Product Features

Here’s how Hybrid Work Wizard will help you track your Category 3 Scope 7 emissions and the motivations behind commuting.

Salesforce native

The Package installs natively to Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, putting all of your emissions data right at your fingertips.

Embedded Analytics

Our custom-built solution integrates natively to Salesforce reporting and CRMA dashboards that accompany Net Zero Cloud.

Employee Driven

Put your employees in the driver seat through simple commute surveys.

Automatic Calculation

No more estimation or manual calculation. Hybird Work Wizard does the heavy lifting and ensures accuracy every time.

Hybrid Work Wizard


Includes capacity for up to 1,000 employees


Employee surveys and confirmations

Calculation engine

Automated emissions conversions

Embedded analytics

Additional Capacity


Adds capacity to survey and track emissions for up to 1,000 additional employees

International Organizations


Adds emissions factors to support customer-specific regions outside the U.S.

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