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Net Zero Cloud Implementations and Managed Services

What is Net Zero Cloud?

Net Zero Cloud is an ESG reporting platform from Salesforce, recognized as a best-in-class greenhouse gas accounting product. It allows organizations to host all their ESG and emissions data in one single source of truth and provides analytics to aid data-driven decision-making.

Net Zero Cloud Key Features: Scope 3 solutions, water and waste tracing, automatic carbon footprint tracking, ESG reporting frameworks. Forecast and track emissions targets. Actionable insights. Supplier engagement and dashboards. Diversity, equity and inclusion insights.

Getting started is easy.

Every organization has unique sustainability needs. Your organization may have a dedicated team of sustainability professionals who need assistance implementing a cutting-edge greenhouse gas accounting solution like Net Zero Cloud, or you may have no sustainability staff at all.

Green Impact has service offerings to help meet your sustainability needs, ranging from a quick start implementation for Net Zero Cloud to comprehensive Sustainability-as-a-Service offerings designed to fill the duties of a full-time sustainability manager.

Our service offerings can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Green Impact’s Approach to Excellence

Green Impact will help you jumpstart your ESG journey with Net Zero Cloud.


  • Migrate legacy energy use data
  • Calculate Scope 1 and 2 emissions and annual carbon footprints
  • Configure reports and dashboards
  • Analyze energy and emissions data across your asset portfolio
  • Social and Governance data discovery

With Net Zero Cloud up and running, Green Impact expands our ESG services to the next level.


  • Migrate waste and water use data
  • Develop metrics and create custom dashboards
  • Design automations and integrations
  • Migrate Social and Governance data
  • Scope 3 data discovery

With Green Impact managed services, you have a trusted partner to manage your ESG data and reports.


  • Expand Scope 3 calculation throughout your value chain
  • Holistic ESG data management informed by industry trends
  • Guidance on latest environmental and ESG regulations
  • Automated CDP & GRI reporting through Disclosure Hub

Additional Implementation Options

Net Zero Cloud Data Management

Let Green Impact do the heavy lifting and manage your Net Zero Cloud, including:

  • Updating building and vehicle asset portfolios
  • Organizing and importing energy, water, and waste data from up to three systems
  • Training sessions specifically tailored to your organization and team

Integrate Energy Use

Connect your information systems and energy-use data directly to Net Zero Cloud for a seamless data integration.

Supplier Portal Configuration

The Supplier Portal allows direct engagement with key suppliers.  Suppliers enter data into their Supplier Scorecards, giving your team:

  • Trend analysis
  • Stack ranking
  • Benchmark scoring

We provide implementation and support for a range of other Salesforce products.