Making Sustainability Good Business Starts with Us

Green Impact: Our Net Zero Journey



Green Impact was created with the intention of helping organizations align their business and sustainability goals to create positive environmental and business impacts. Realizing our mission of making sustainability good business starts with us. That’s why working to establish a culture of sustainability and accountability within Green Impact is one of our top priorities. Green Impact has had sustainability policies in place since our founding to be a positive example and innovator in the sustainability and technology industries.

To align our operation with our mission and achieve our own ESG goals, Green Impact utilizes Net Zero Cloud internally to track and manage our greenhouse gas emissions. Our team tracks Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and publishes annual ESG reports to promote transparent communication about our progress. Green Impact is committed to minimizing our environmental impact and purchasing carbon offsets to create net zero emissions. We achieved this goal in our first year of operation and are hopeful of continuing that success as we expand.


Green Impact ESG Report 2022

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