Scope 3: How to Better Track Business Travel Emissions

Traveling on the Clock

Business travel is critical to building relationships and collaborations with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. While it creates exciting opportunities for growth, business travel is also a significant contributor of global greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the World Resource Institute, 15-20% of global CO2 emissions are attributed to business travel. For this reason, business travel is included in the Greenhouse Gas Corporate Protocol under Scope 3, Category 6.

Air travel for business is one of the largest sources of emissions for many organizations and is expected to account for 12-27% of global emissions by 2050. Reducing the environmental impact of air travel will likely prove challenging as green aviation alternatives scale up, but tracking and offsetting these emissions is a good first step towards reducing your firm’s carbon footprint.

Travel Complexities and Net Zero Cloud

Green Impact travels for business just like any other company, such as when our CTO Jacob went to NYC for the Salesforce World Tour. To simplify emissions calculation and connect it to other activities, we use Net Zero Cloud.

For Jacob’s trip, we needed to calculate air travel emissions, ground travel and rental car emissions, and hotel stay emissions. This included 68.2 road miles, 668 flight miles flow, and one night in a hotel.

When calculating Scope 3 emissions for this trip, our team found that neither the car rental company, the airline, nor the hotel provided emissions data.

Fortunately, Net Zero Cloud comes pre-loaded with emissions factor data from a number of public and private sources. With the capacity to estimate emissions with limited information, Net Zero Cloud can create an accurate broad view of an organization’s Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. despite potential gaps in data.

Net Zero Cloud comes pre-loaded with emissions factor data from a number of public and private sources.

With Net Zero Cloud’s comprehensive and customizable dashboards, team members can easily view the types of emissions most contributing to their firm’s impact, predict their future emissions based on prior data, and view recommendations for reducing emissions. Net Zero Cloud puts all the information you need to successfully track and reduce business emissions at your fingertips.

Net Zero Cloud has the functionality to track emissions reductions strategies by category, including Work from Anywhere, Infrastructure, Business Travel, and Supply Chain. This powerful software is flexible and advanced enough to work with diverse organizational transportation structures, whether your employees routinely work from home or jet set across the country weekly.

Not only does Net Zero Cloud track travel emissions, it can also predict future emissions.

Tracking and reducing travel emissions as well as other types of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions can seem daunting. Green Impact has the expertise to offer our clients comprehensive sustainability management services, to help you get the most out of the data produced by Net Zero Cloud.

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