Unlock the Key to ESG

Green Impact leverages data science to achieve ESG compliance. 

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Powerful Data Management

Green Impact implements Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and configures proprietary tools to automatically acquire, organize, and manage your raw Environmental, Social, and Governance data.

Sustainability Experts

Our team is more than just technology-focused. We have expert sustainability personnel equipped to give you the needed context to make the best business decisions to navigate the everchanging ESG landscape.

Automated Reporting

In addition to incredible analytics and future planning capabilities, Green Impact can automate your ESG reporting with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud to make reporting to global frameworks, such as GRI, effortless.

What we do for you


Net Zero Cloud Activation

Green Impact configures Net Zero Cloud to meet your organization’s unique needs in as little as 90 days.


Calculate GHG Scope 1, 2, 3

With Net Zero Cloud, we can help you turn energy and supply chain data into Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions data.


Migrate Legacy Data

Green Impact will migrate your legacy data to ensure you have the complete history of your ESG data.


Customized Analytics

Our experts create custom dashboards and help you gain insights using the full capacity of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud analytics.


Automate and Integrate

With our proprietary automations and integrations, syncing data into Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is easier than ever.


ESG Program Management

Set time-bound ESG goals, we’ll set you up to manage your improvement program and track your progress through Salesforce.

Why Choose Green Impact?

Our proprietary tools make ESG compliance easier than ever!


Green Impact has perfected automations to streamline Salesforce Net Zero Cloud setup and reduce manual effort and human error. Our automations enhance overall efficiency and ensure exceptional accuracy during the setup phase.

  • Save 8-12 hours of data transformation.
  • Save 20-40+ hours of training and documentation.


With GI’s custom reference data library for exotic fuels and emissions factors, we can easily adapt Net Zero Cloud to your unique use case and ensure accuracy for Scope 1 calculations for all standard and non-standard energy sources.

  • Save 4-8 hours of research and formatting.
  • Avoid the cost of purchasing external data resources.


Our custom calculations expand upon Salesforce Net Zero Cloud’s core data engine to go beyond the basics, ensuring your organization can track all material emissions.

  • Save 100+ hours on developing alternative solutions.
  • Save 4-8 hours monthly on updating emissions factors and calculating Scope 3 Category 3 emissions monthly.


Our proprietary, plug-in applications easily calculate emissions data, giving you an unparalleled advantage in navigating complex environmental data tracking.

  • Save hundreds of hours annually that would be spent collecting and integrating recurring energy and travel emissions data.
  • Avoid extra cost of creating custom data tracking solutions.